Easter Craft: Paper Plate Easter Baskets

MONDAY’S BUSY BOX: Paper Plate Easter Baskets

Welcome to the kick off of our daily busy box activities! Today, we are sharing this super simple craft, perfect for all ages. All you need are 4 supplies... so let’s get started!


• (2)  Plain Paper Plates
• Scissors
• Paint + Brushes
• Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue
• Optional: Yarn, Ribbon, Basket Filler


1. Start by painting the back sides of your plates
2. Once paint is dry, flip the plate to the inside and
draw a straight line across the middle of the plate
3. Cut along the straight line and semi circle of both plates
4. Once both plates are cut, line up both plates face to face to match
5. Hot glue the rims of the plates together
6. Optional: Make a Pom Pom, add ribbon or basket filler

After your baskets are finished, decorate a few paper Easter eggs and slip them inside!
Check back tomorrow for another fun and festive craft...

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