Diy Pallet Coat Rack

Looking for a super simple 15 min project?
Using just two items and less than 15 min, how could this project get any easier, seriously.

I started by taking a board off of some old pallets that we have sitting in the back of our house.

The hooks came from Lowes and cost just under $4 each

After spacing them out on the board, I just screwed them on and attached two hanging brackets on each end of the board on the back & that was it! Now we have a new place in our laundry room to hang coats, clothes, hats, whatever we need. Plus I just absolutely love the rustic feel mixed with the traditional style of the hooks. A whole new coat rack for less than $20!


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  1. This looks great! This is the second tutorial I've seen where you use picture hanger/hanging brackets to mount it rather than drilling through it to mount.

    Has it ever fallen down? That is my only concern with doing it this way rather than attaching it directly to the wall via stud.

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