Our Home

Our Home Behind Military Gates
Camp Pendleton, California

MCB Camp Pendleton in the 1950's

After getting married we soon had to decide where we could call home. Being that the Hubbster is a camo wearing, country defending machine, we tossed back and forth the idea of living on base or off... after finally choosing military housing. Not only for it's safety, but convenience. So here we were, very NEW newlyweds, moving into our very bare, plain and quite boring cookie cutter military home with it's wonderfully stark white walls, beautiful light fixtures and lovely builder grade materials (which I might add, are all out of the early 90's)

My Challenge:
To decorate this beast with no paint, without changing one fixture, or doing anything remotely permanent. Oh, and did I add that when we moved in we had NOTHING but just our wedding presents. Yes, that means no furniture, no bed, no washer & dryer, nothing. This house has been our labor of love literally from the ground up (after spending almost a month sleeping & sitting only on the floor). When gathering inspiration for my home (before the days of Pinterest) I searched through magazines, blogs, and samples I had saved over the years. I always had a vision of what I wanted in my own home someday, but affording it was another story. We were newlyweds here, 23 years old, living on two incomes, which quite frankly, were less combined than what most families make on one income! During my journey of decorating our home I came to meet many other military wives & noticed something... every house I went to, there were the same white boring walls and yes some decided to hang a few things on them, but it seemed as if everyone that I was meeting was afraid to decorate, afraid to make their home their own.

This is what brings me to starting this blog.

I wanted to share and show that even if you may live in military housing, or if you may be renting, your house is still YOUR HOME & that you don't have to make millions to get the look that you want. So don't be afraid to take chances! The home you might be in may not be your dream home, or permanent by any means but enjoy it, live in it & love it [all while on a budget!]

My Style: Rustic Vintage
After living in our home now for 2 years, I have been able to slowly find my 'style'. Shortly after moving into our home, looking at the bare walls, an empty dining room, sparse bedroom and plain living room I did what NO person should ever do immediately after moving into a home... I went shopping. But not for items that were really ME or MY STYLE, but anything that would fill up the house and make it feel less empty. HUGE MISTAKE people! After a few months I ended up with a house that was completely NOT me and not to mention wasting way too much money on items that I completely started to loathe. I realized, I was impulse buying. After realizing my mistake and now hating everything that I had purchased, I slowly started selling and phasing out the items in our home that simply were not 'us' and began purchasing items that I truly loved. Our home is still a work in progress (and most likely will be, forever) but it's a start. This is our first home. The home we moved into just days after our Wedding, the home where we brought our daughter home to from the hospital, this is the home that is our beginning.


Currently in the process of up-dating our living room, 
many changes to share with you all very soon!

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10 comments so far

  1. I love every bit of it! I also have the challenge of decorating a military base house. You have to get creative where ever you can! You have a very lovely home!!

    1. Thank you Chelsea! I peeked over at your blog & love your home as well! Great job & wonderful DIY projects ;)

  2. You have made such a beautiful home! I really enjoy your blog!

  3. I love your decor. I too am a Marine Wife stationed at Camp Pendleton. I would love to know where you got a lot of your things. I would love for you to give me some pointers on our home.

  4. I'm so inspired by you. I think you home is beautiful. I look forward to your future blogs.

  5. I am about to move into base housing at pendleton and have no direction when it comes to my style. Any tips? or you could just do it for me and I'll pay lol

  6. Fellow Marine wife here! I just found your blog and LOVE it! We don't live in base housing at the moment, but definitely will at some point in the future. I love how you've embraced the opportunity to make military housing "your own". Looking forward to following you!

  7. I think it's amazing that you want to move here; South Carolina is my home...but if I could pick one place to live inside the U.S., it would be California. Instead, we get to go to good ol' North Dakota :) It will be my first time living on base. Your blog has inspired me and I have hope that everything doesn't have to be plain! If you ever need to know what to do when you get to S. C., just let me know!

  8. Hi Jennifer! I'm a student at Harlem High School and I am currently making a documentary on a man who fought at Iwo Jima and went through basic training at Camp Pendleton. I was wondering if you would allow me to use this photo in my documentary? Love your blog and thank you for your time!


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