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Summer is fast approaching, at least here in the south, and that means one thing for us southerners: humidity. I am very much a jeans and t-shirt style of girl, but when the summer hits, those jeans have to go. Being a curvy woman (and even before I was) I have never liked the way my legs look in shorts. They just aren't for me. If it doesn't go below the knee, I won't wear it. So what do you wear when you are a busy woman/ mom during those months where heat hits you in the face? Dresses. All the dresses.

First off, I said it before and will state it again, I am no fashion expert. As a mom of 2 always on the go, I search for clothing that's comfortable. I would stay in yoga pants all day every day if it was acceptable, but we all have days where we want to actually get dressed and be presentable. For those days, I have complied a collection of my favorite spring/ summer dresses and maxi dresses for us plus size girls. And for those that aren't, many of these are available in regular sizing as well!

Let's get into why I chose each item for this collection. As a plus size woman, I truly feel that fit it EVERYTHING. Don't just buy something because the size FITS you, buy it because the fit is RIGHT FOR YOU. It took me a long time to figure out what worked for dressing a plus size body, and fit is key. When shopping for dresses (or even tops), search for items that come in at the smallest part of your body. For most, that is right underneath your breasts. Many of these new styles of dresses, are lose on the top and are made to hit you at the hips or even mid-torso. While this may be great for a woman who is a size 4, this is exactly the fit you don't want as a woman above a size 12. This will accentuate your mid section and hips (and not in a good way). If you want a dress that is flattering, keep an eye out for designs that accentuate the best parts yet hide the parts you less desire to show off. Notice that most of these designs come in at the waist and then flow out.

I am also one that doesn't care to show off my upper arms. Obviously summer dresses mainly are made sleeveless, but I have included some of my favorite options for more of a modest look but still, each one would be comfortable enough to wear on the hottest days of summer.

Now that you have had your first lesson on dress fit, let's talk shoes. Personally, I live in flip flops. I have less shoes than any woman on the planet probably. I have wide feet (thanks to genetics) so finding cute shoes is a challenge. Not to mention I wear a size 10! (Again, genetics. Thanks Dad for giving me amazon woman feet.)

When looking for plus size friendly shoes, I find wedges or sandals to be best. They are sturdier than a heel and distribute your weight well. Plus they are easier for chasing after those kiddo's in while still looking fashionable.


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Maybe you have no clue where to begin when shopping for clothing. Maybe you have been afraid to try something new, so jeans and t-shirts are your go-to's too because it's easy. My hope is that maybe, just maybe, this post helps to push you outside of that comfort zone. To find a dress that makes you feel beautiful. Being plus size and wanting to cover parts of my body that I prefer not to show, doesn't mean that I hate my body, it actually means the opposite, that I want to find clothing that makes me look the very best in this body that I have and to FLAUNT IT! We all deserve to feel beautiful. No matter what your size or confidence. Dress your body FOR for YOUR body.

Leather Sandals

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