Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Let's Talk About It Tuesday - Using Your Platform

Each one of you reading this has a platform. Whether it be 200 or 200k. Every day, you have the power to reach others through social media. 

I want you to take a moment and really think about what your platform means to you. What is your intent with this platform you have been given?

We all know Internet trolls. Maybe you have had a run in with one (or many) yourself, or maybe you just have heard of them. Basically, they want to take whatever it is that you are sharing and throw their mud of hatred all over it.
For whatever reason these people make a conscious choice to use their platform for negativity and hate.

Could you imagine an Internet world filled with positivity, compliments, and encouragement? Well, this little community is pretty close to that, (because y'all are awesome) but there are still haters drinking the hater-aid out there. I'm not saying that social media needs to be a world of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, a good healthy debate and difference of opinion is always good, but what if overall, we posted more intently with our platforms and what we chose to spread onto others?

This may just be my crazy brain stirring up thoughts; but what if we all, in some little way, 
used our platforms to shed light on the things that really excite us. Not just the outward things in life, like hobbies etc, but the topics that touch our hearts! The ones that make us human!

I get excited about this, because I feel that every person has a story to tell, has a journey that only they have walked. Each person has only knowledge that they have. 

Yes, there are many well known people on social media (and in the world) already sharing their story, and they reach thousands and millions. But what if only YOU have a story to share, one that might touch just that ONE follower. What if what you have to say could change someones life? Don't you think that's motivation enough to use your platform for good?

Or maybe, you don't feel comfortable sharing your story with others quite yet. That's completely okay too! There are so many many many ways to use your platform for more.

To share someone that has inspired you, to share a cause that touches your heart, to shine light onto others.

Many of you are already on this journey of sharing and I applaud you! 

I touched on this in my Instagram post yesterday, but I feel that social media needs to change. Granted, my kids will not be allowed on social media anytime soon... But some day they will discover it. My hope is that by then, it can be a place that they can come to and find other inspiring women to look up to, to relate to, to show that they are spreading good out into the world, both in person and on social media. 

If you are around the same age as me, you didn't have complete social media in high school. Facebook was just being developed and MySpace had just launched. I discovered social media I believe in my last 2 months of senior year, so thankfully, that wasn't apart of how I grew up. We were the first generation to really use any form of social media. Do you all remember AOL messenger? Those were the days! Now, the whole world is at these kids fingertips and a lot of it is negative influences. 

My daughters, and their generation are my motivation behind using my platform for good. I may be only one person, and maybe no one even cares what I have to say, but I believe if each one of us use our own platform for good, no matter how big or how small, we can start to change social media. Make it more than just "swipe up!" "Buy this!" links, and "Look at what I have in my house", "In my closet" etc... 
Let's see the faces behind the accounts and hear only the story you have to tell.

Whatever it may be, sharing photos of your kids, your home, your favorite beauty items or fashion, traveling, food, whatever your fancy... Keep following your passion, but share some good along the way too. You never know who is watching and who your story might reach.

Until next chat my friends...

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