Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Good morning and happy Wednesday friends! Today, I'm continuing with debuting one of the daily changes I am bringing to both my blog and INSTAGRAM • What I'm Wearing Wednesday;

Let me be honest, I am no fashion guru nor do I even understand what's "on trend". I am just a stay at home mom trying to find a style somewhere in between cute and comfortable, while not looking like I just rolled out of bed and stayed that way all day. But let's be honest, we all have those no makeup, messy ponytail, yoga pant wearing days (Or at least I do, more often than not). I've been a mom for over 6 years now, and my body has changed a heck of a lot since before I grew a human inside of me! I used to love shopping for clothes. I used to compile the cutest outfits, shoes, and accessories. Post-babies, that all has changed.

Pre-babies, you could find me shopping at Express, American Eagle, PacSun, H&M, JCrew, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and Free People, to name a few. I could walk into any one of those stores, find something I liked, picked my size, walk into the dressing room and could walk out of the store with a bag full of purchases. 

Fast forward to after pregnancy and 60 pounds of weight gain later, 60 pounds which have been extremely hard to lose due to PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). My body has changed drastically. I am no longer the size I was pre-children, and after 6 years of trying so many different ways to change that, I have come to accept and love the body I am in. It hasn't come easy. And yes, I have days where I think back to how my body looked before, but overall, this body is healthy, it is strong and I believe that I am beautiful. 

I am now bumped into a whole new clothing category. And for someone that was used to shopping one way their entire life and suddenly not be able to shop that way any more, it's an adjustment. Out of those clothing stores that I listed above, unfortunately the majority of them do not carry plus size options. I had to learn where I could and couldn't shop, all over again. I had to discover new brands and what type of clothing would fit my new body shape, and cover that left over "mom-tummy". 

I have now spent 6 years shopping in the plus size section and while its been a struggle, it's also been an empowering adventure. I have learned a lot along the way of what works, what doesn't work, clothing brands that say they carry "plus size" but consider only an XL/XXL to be plus, and how to navigate finding AFFORDABLE and cute clothing options as a plus size woman that don't just look like a poncho. Can I get an amen ladies!

Every Wednesday, I want to take you on a journey of what I have learned, share with you my favorites and hopefully be able to help my fellow plus size women/ mama's find a style that works for you. I don't want you feeling discouraged when you walk into a department store, and out of the entire store you only are able to shop a 12' X 12' section. I don't want you feeling discouraged when your favorite blogger shares her capsule wardrobe and you aren't able to get any of those items in your size. I don't want you feeling discouraged when you feel like your only option is over-sized baggy t-shirts to "hide it all". I want you to feel BEAUTIFUL. I want you to feel EMPOWERED. 

For those of you women reading this who may not be plus size, I got you too, don't worry! While the majority of what I fit into and shop for is considered plus size, I am right in the middle and many times wear an XL/XXL, so I will also be providing the same or similar options of what I share for average sizing as well! 

I know that this is something new that I am incorporating, and my hope is that while it may not be decor related, that you will still follow along. Decor is just one part of me, and I would love to share the other parts too. Again, I am no expert at fashion, just sharing what I love, the things I have learned along the way and my hope is that you love it too.


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