Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Let's Talk About It Tuesday - Comparison

 Starting this week, I am beginning something new with both my blog and INSTAGRAM. I felt heavy in my heart, the desire to create a daily landing spot for you. One that you could come to each morning, evening or just at any moment that you have throughout the day. a place to come and find inspiration, encouragement, tips, tricks, you name it... I want to begin on a deeper journey of sharing not just the decor parts of my life, but truly who I am, the things that I enjoy, the struggles that I endure, and to shine a light of positivity on others and topics that are rooted deep within my core. I want this space to be one where you don't feel alone, I want you to feel comfortable sharing your journey with me and not be afraid to reach out to me and chat as if you would do with an old friend! 

 Social media can be tricky, it can leave us feeling inadequate, unworthy, misunderstood, and not good enough. We can look at someone else's life or home and think, "If only I..." And those 3 little words can destroy a whole lot more than just a tiny portion of our day. For some, we can dwell on those words. They can end up leading to... "If only I had a marriage like theirs.", "If only I could get pregnant easily like they can.", "If only I could afford a new pair of shoes like hers.", "If only I could travel like they do.", "If only I could just be happy for one day like they seem to be." See where I am going with this? 

 Social media can be used in so many great ways, to connect with others and build friendships, to shine light on an important topic and reach millions, to spread support and rally for someone struggling with the unimaginable, to build a business from literally just a tiny thought to a booming empire. But behind all of that good, the inevitable is that there will always be COMPARISON. Hand raised, I am fully guilty of this. I'm going to share with you something that is extremely personal, but in my mission to be completely transparent with you, I feel it needs to be shared;

 There is a friend of mine, I absolutely love her to death. She is the sweetest and kindest person whom I have had the blessing of becoming friends with. Her and I easily connected over having a love and a passion for home decor and quickly became each other's go-to's for all things home related. 

SIDE NOTE: As many of you may or may not know, I started this blog way back in 2012. I've taken some breaks along the way, but this blog was my "baby" that kept me sane after becoming a brand new mom. I worked hard at caring for this "baby", spending hours brainstorming up unique and creative ideas, working on DIY's while photographing the entire process, editing those photos, then writing all of the instructions into an easy to follow blog post. Just one post is more work than you might think and can take days to just complete one. Not to mention all of the extras like linking, promoting your blog, answering messages and emails, the list goes on and on. This has been something I have worked at for years, to build a following and to create ideas that you all will love! Because after all, it's because of YOU the reader, why I do any of this in the first place and I greatly appreciate each one of you.

Okay, so back to the story... My friend has a beautiful home, (I won't say her name in honor of privacy) she has inspired me in so many ways, and she may not even know this! Like I said before, I love her dearly. Knowing what I do about blogging and social media, I felt like she had such an amazing talent that needed to be shared. I encouraged her to jump on Instagram and knew that the wonderful IG home decor community would welcome her and her beautiful home with open arms! She hesitated. But I persisted! One day, she created an account... and within days, it took off. One of her very first photos ever shared received over 1,000 likes and she just barely had 200 followers! Her following quickly escalated to 1k, 3k and now, she has over 7k in just 3 months of posting and only 40 photos shared. I have been so ecstatic for her, cheering her on along the way! How amazing to be recognized for your talent! 

 Now, here comes what this whole blog post is about... COMPARISON. I watched from the sidelines as her account grew. I began to compare her numbers to mine. I began to question what it was that I was doing wrong. I had taught her everything that I knew about growing a home decor account and all of my advice was working for her but not for myself? Why? I work SO HARD at creating content, stories, graphics, photography, interacting and (this is just from my perspective) all she had to do was post a cell phone taken photo and people went crazy over it. No stories. No DIY tutorials. No giveaways. No blog content. Nothing other than a picture of her decor, and she was growing faster in just weeks than I had in years. Do you notice the bitterness in my writing? Well, that's how I truly felt. And this is someone who is like a sister to me. I didn't want to feel bitter against her. I didn't want to let her accomplishments cloud my own self worth. But it did. I allowed it to. I COMPARED.

 I realized that I had just done what I have told so many others to not do. I let numbers, stupid numbers, (that literally mean nothing) get in the way of the feelings I have towards one of the best friends I have ever had. And if be lying if I said she was the only one I have compared myself to. There have been many. I realized that this pattern needed to be broken. I couldn't allow other's successes to steer the direction of my ship, which is something else I want to jump into during next week's "Let's Talk About It" session...

 But for now, I want to leave you with a quote that I read this morning on my friend, Jenny's account, "A flower does not think of competing against the flower next to it. It just blooms." - Zen Chin

 So whomever you may be comparing yourself to, I challenge you to let it go and JUST BLOOM. It's not easy. Comparison will always be there as long as human kind exists, and social media makes escaping it so much more difficult. It has to be a daily choice to cheer on others, rather than wishing their success into your own life. We all are on our own paths, with our own purpose, just keep believing in that purpose and one day you will realize what all of the waiting and hard work was for. I promise you. 

 If you have any comments to add to this topic, I want to make these weekly "Let's Talk About It" chats something we can all engage with, so leave a comment below! Or to continue with your own thoughts on this topic, feel free to share this photo on your Instagram and use the hashtag #LetsTalkAboutItTuesdayComparison
and be sure to tag my INSTAGRAM in the photo itself so I can see it. I can't wait to hear how this topic effects your own heart.

 Until next chat my friends...  - Jennifer

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