Using Essential Oils To Banish The "Motherhood Blues"

If you are anything like me, and are human, you have bad days. You have days where the stress of work, the kids, a spouse or partner, all of it requires your full attention all of the time. All of the needing, wanting from others,the constant giving of yourself, it builds up. 

But what do you do for YOURSELF? 
What do you do to shut the rest of the world out, for even a moment? Nothing? Well, that was and has been me for a long time. I constantly give and give and all of the giving eventually becomes overwhelming if you don't just stop for a moment, and let all of the worries and stress fade away...

I am a mom, of two beautiful girls, that rely on me completely, for everything. 
I am what I call a "solo parent". 
(*This is by no means intentional to take away from 
any of you strong single parents out there who might be reading this!) 
I am a solo parent, which means that while yes, I am married, I parent alone, I raise my children alone. This is by no means fault of my husband, he is in a career that has kept him away from home or on a schedule that doesn't allow him to be involved with the daily lives of our children. He is the "weekend dad" or one-day-a-week parent. This leaves everything, and I literally mean everything to fall on me. Any other parents reading, relate to me?

I love my children dearly, but with just the day to day demands, schedules, and needs. By the end of the day, I am drained. Can I get an amen? If there is one thing I have learned over the past 6 years as a solo parent, it is that we need to nourish ourselves and our minds first, to be a better version of our self. To be a better wife, mother, sister, and friend. (or husband, father, etc...). In the constant demand of life and everything that demands our attention, we must not forget ourselves.
I want you to really think about the last thing that you did, for just yourself?

This past month, I tried a little experiment... After feeling completely at the end of my rope, I decided it was time for a change. I challenged myself to make a routine. One that was just about me. Since I work from home, the only time I can actually get any work done is while the kids are sleeping. Normally, as soon as the kids doors are shut, its mom's time to get to work! Well... not anymore. I set now aside time every night, no work allowed until my "me time" is complete. My nightly routine now includes a hot bath followed with a blend of my favorite oils.

I, like everyone else have heard of essential oils. Everyone and their mother uses them.
I for one, am not an essential oil expert by any means. So the thought of mixing oils, and buying each oil needed just to create a specific blend was like rocket science. Maybe I am in the strong minority here. I do know enough that the quality of the essential oil is top priority though. So when I was approached by A Wholesome Home I was skeptical to be completely honest. It wasn't until I looked further into their product selection and ingredients that I learned their product line was top notch high quality. Plus they are a San Diego based business, which hits home for me, being where I was born and raised! My nightly routine now consists of a soothing bath, followed by the use of my favorite A Wholesome Home oils. I now use the Banish The Blues blend daily. The perfect mixture is so calming and is just what my mommy brain needs to relax at the end of the day. The 100% Pure Argan Oil is my favorite to use on my hair. I naturally have curly hair, but rarely let it air dry, which means lots of heat and lots of damage. The pure argan oil has been so nourishing to my dry scalp and is a savior for my frizzy hair and this southern humidity. Yes, even in the fall there is still humidity here in southern Georgia! I also use the argan oil on my face at night after I have cleaned my makeup off and when I wake up in the morning I can completely feel a difference in the hydration of my skin!

I was able to spend some time chatting with Jamelle, A Wholesome Home's founder and creator to learn more about her products and to answer some frequently asked questions;

Q: Hi Jamelle, tell us a little bit about A Wholesome Home and how it came to be?
A: The brand, A Wholesome Home was born from my desire to eliminate toxic exposure and create a sacred and clean home environment for which my family can thrive. It was inspired by motherhood and being overwhelmed with the toxicity of the products available to me as a new mom. I couldn't get passed all of the toxic ingredients. I quickly realized that what I was looking for wasn't available, so I began to recreate the products I needed in a non-toxic way.

Q: What inspired you to create your business?
A: Every single product in the line was inspired by my daughter,my own desire to eliminate toxic exposure in my personal care products, or a member of my family. There is literally a personal story behind the inspiration of every product that I create.

Q: What makes your oils different compared to other brands out there?
A: When it came to sourcing my oils, the most important thing to keep in mind for me was the purity, the potency and the impact on the native lands and cultures where the plant grows. I don't just use one single brand of essential oil. After much research, I narrowed my sources down to doTERRA, Young Living, Rocky Mountain Oils and Floracopia. I don't distill oils. As a matter of fact there are only so many distilleries across the globe. I have thoroughly researched to find and narrow my choice to the companies that pay great attention to the utmost quality, purity and potency that I feel comfortable using with my own family. I pay great attention to the integrity of my products from the ingredients to the packaging and ultimately the impact my creations have on the earth as a whole.

Q: What are some of your own personal favorites from the products that you create?
A: My absolute favorite product that I use daily is the Magic Carpet Tonic - unisex after shave tonic. It is so incredibly soothing on my skin after I've removed hair, exfoliated or dry brushed and also serves as a luscious, light weight moisturizer that keeps my skin supple and soft.
The other family favorite is Da Balm Diggity - petroleum free balm. We use this every single day! It is completely edible and safe for anywhere on the body, so it's literally been used on every part of our bodies from my lips, to my heels, any ouchie, cracked or chapped skin and even my lady bits. 
(Yes, that is correct!)
The Banish The Blues - mood boosting aromatherapy blend is a lovely way to brighten my day. It is my daily dose of happy.
The 100% Pure Argan Oil is my favorite way to treat myself to that gorgeous form of self care. Taking care of my skin with such a divine smelling luxurious body oil that makes me feel succulent and delicious.

Like I had stated before, I know that there are a million essential oil options out there, and for someone new to essential oils, it can be completely confusing and overwhelming. A Wholesome Home takes all of the hard work and the guess work out of the equation and created blends and products that are safe for your entire family and that you can trust in. The blends are already created for you, so you just open your package and use!

I am extremely picky with what I share with my readers and followers and ONLY will promote products and companies that I either love myself, believe in and know that they work. After using these oils for almost a month, I can honestly say that A Wholesome Home's products are, and will continue to be apart of the Ciani family household.

So, if you are a parent, or have just had more on your plate than you can handle lately,
be sure to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Banish those blues and INVEST IN SOME YOU TIME.
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