Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012!

Many of you may have been wondering where I have been... well, between laying in bed sick for a week, decorating the house for Christmas, enjoying holiday festivities and planning our Daughter's first birthday party things have been hectic around the Ciani household! But I am BACK! The weekend after Thanksgiving we had our family photos taken by an amazing photographer in old town Temecula. Let me tell you, as a photographer myself, I love being behind the camera but don't so much enjoy when it is time to get in front of the camera & because of this reason we only have maybe all of two pictures as a family since Madisyn has been born. I know, I know that is horrible.. So I finally bit the bullet and had them done. Maddie Grace was not so happy to begin with, but slowly warmed up to the idea of having someone new other than 'Mommy' take her pictures & although my Husband isn't too fond of smiling, they turned out amazing!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!
Check back soon to see my Holiday House tour, a few Christmas DIY projects 
and Madisyn's birthday plans!

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