Saturday, September 8, 2012

Planning M's first birthday

It may only be September, but I am already in full swing planning Madisyn's 1st Birthday party (can you tell I am a tad bit excited??) Well, I figure with all of the holidays coming up that I have to plan as well, why not get a head start?! Being that Madisyn's birthday is in January, I am now finding out that having a winter baby makes it very difficult for party planning. My biggest challenge: finding a location large enough to accommodate the guest list, even if it is cold & rainy and are unable to utilize outdoor space. I want to ensure that all of our guests will be comfortable without being "cramped". This includes kids too! They need space to run & engage in activities in-between food, cake & present opening. But how will I be able to do this if it just so happens to be pouring rain?? I tell you, Moms who have Summer babies have it easy!

In the meantime, while I work out all of our location dilemmas, here is the inspiration/ theme that I have decided on for her big day: 
A Shabby Chic Winter ONEderland

Pinterest has been my lifesaver when it came to gathering my ideas. My plan is to try and attempt to tackle at least ONE project a week, whether it be her invitations, decorations, favors, etc... that way (hopefully) it will save me the hassle of stressing at the last min. to try and get everything done while in the midst of the hussle & bustle of the holidays...

The Inspiration:

The Invitation:

more to come soon . . .

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  1. Cute! I have a summer baby (July) and I have to say it is not easier. LOL It's always too hot and humid to be outside in July so we end up needing an indoor space too. I started planning my son's first b-day about 6 months in advance so you are doing good waiting as long as you have. LOL

    1. I never thought of Summer being so humid, but you are totally right! On a hot and sticky day who wants to be outside?! ;)


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